SHOW CASE by plumpynuts
address 150-0001
open 12:00 - 20:00 不定休
tel 03 6427 7674

SHOW CASE by plumpynuts
address 6-27-4 Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
open 12:00 - 20:00 No regular holiday
tel +81(0)3 6427 7674



Point Card

・You may have our shopping point card. (A shopping point card is ¥286+tax)
・1 point will be given per every ¥5,000-purchase.
・You may exchange 20points to any item worth ¥5,000-.
・Some of our items cannot be exchanged to shopping point. (e.g. discount-
ed price items)
・The shopping point is available for a year period.
・When the shopping point is out of period or the shopping point card is lost,
the shopping point will be invalid.
For further information, please ask our staff.

Tax Free について


Tax Free

We are a TAX FREE shop.
You may purchase our items with free of 8% consumption tax under certain conditions.
→For more details.



大道 みゆき 喜多 あゆみ


2009 May. Private Sector設立。
デザイナー大道みゆき・喜多あゆみによるブランド、plumpynuts (プランピーナッツ) をスタート。
2009 Sep. 9月5日、神宮前にショップ「SHOW CASE by plumpynuts」をオープン。
2009 Oct. 2010 Spring & Summerシーズンよりフルコレクションを展開。 2011 Apr. 4月23日に神宮前6丁目にショップを移転リニューアル。
2011 AW Collection よりアーカイブをベースにした1点物のコレクションライン 「TOKYO REWORKERS by O.K」をスタート。
2011 Oct. 吉井雄一プロデュースによるイベント「VERSUS TOKYO」内で、初の ショー形式にて2012 SS Collectionを発表。
2013 May. 株式会社ファーストリテイリング「UNIQLO/ユニクロ」2013 S/S COLLECTIONのDESIGNERS INVITATION PROJECT (Women's / Kids)に 参加。世界同時展開にて販売。
2016 March. “TOKYO REWORKERS”からあらたな視点でREWORK (リワーク)を施した限定生産の新ライン「TAILOR by REWORKERS」をスタート。


REWORK (リワーク)を施した限定生産の新ライン。


“TOKYO REWORKERS”(トーキョーリワーカーズ)はアーカイブのコレクションを再利用し、よりスペシャルなものへと生まれ変わらせる、= REWORK (リワーク)をコンセプトにしたplumpynutsの新しいコレクションラインです。
この世に1つしか存在しないスペシャルピースで構成される限定ライン、使い捨てのファッションでは無く、好きな物をじっくり見極めて最高のONLY ONEを見つけて下さい。
※コレクションの売り上げの5%をブランドネームの由来でもあるplumpy’nuts (発展途上国の子供の栄養補助食品)を現地の子供たちへ届ける日本ユニセフの支援ギフトに寄付させていただきます。

press contact

REHEARSAL 小高妃登美 / Hitomi Kodaka


Miyuki Omichi Ayumi Kita


2009 May. Established Private Sector Co., Ltd., Designers Miyuki Omichi and Ayumi Kita started fashion label“plumpynuts”.
2009 Sep. 5th. Opened own boutique“SHOW CASE by plumpynuts”at Jingu-mae.
2009 Oct. Full line up has been developing from 2010 Spring & Summer collection.
2011 Apr. Moved and renewal "SHOW CASE by plumpynuts" to Jingu-mae 6-chome (6-27-4 Jingu-mae Shibuyaku Tokyo) on the 23rd April.
Started new line "TOKYO REWORKERS by O.K" from 2011 AW collection, which is re-made of one and only work based on archives' collections. 2011 Oct. The first fashion show was held on the event of "VERSUS TOKYO" produced by Yuichi Yoshii at TOKYO 2012 S/S COLLECTION FASHION WEEK. 2013 May. Participated in the ”DESIGNERS INVITATION PROJECT" (Women's /Kids) of UNIQLO (FAST RETAILING Co., Ltd.) in 2013 SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION. And sell in world wide at the deployment countries stores.
2016 March. Started the new line "TAILOR by REWORKERS" from 2016AW collection, which is limited edition & production, and have a different perspective from “TOKYO REWORKERS”.


A new collection line which derived from “TOKYO REWORKERS” under the different perspective. It is limited edition & production and will develop with selected item and theme for every season. 


Reuse the archive collection and makes them reborn to the more special one.
= REWORK It is a new collection line by plumpynuts.
Limited line composed of only one special piece that exists in this world.
Please try to select carefully for your most favorite one.
We hope this activity lead to recycling and ecology for plenty of things at the present age. Contribute 5% of its sales to support Unicef Association of Japan sending plumpy'nuts (supplement food for the children in the developing country), which is origin of our brand name, to the local children.


press contact

REHEARSAL Hitomi Kodaka


SHOW CASE by plumpynuts
address 150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-27-4
tel 03 6427 7674
open 12:00 - 20:00 不定休

SHOW CASE by plumpynuts
address 6-27-4 Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
tel +81(0)3 6427 7674
open 12:00 - 20:00 No regular holiday